Welcome to the 21st Century (at last)

21stcn is all about 21st Century Networks [< our dot com site ] that in our view have finally come of age. Some have called this too The Facebook Age. Now we share, if Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest in the world. Click on the image for my facebook page.

facebook37981649-More-Facebook-Statistics-Newsletter-058.pdf (85,5 kB)  have a look at the stats from 2010 . What has changed?  Well high speed broadband is a reality, notice that YouTube now accepts 2 gigabyte uploads?  Fibre optic is getting more and more widespread where we are conneccting using light. New generation mobile devices keep us in touch 24/7 with video.  We can interact in 3D worlds in real time.  Cybercommunities are real [see my article on Cyberculture ] Join Us!

What you should do:

Get your own domain with a proper email address.  Do not be known as john5417@hotmail.com or suziexy47w@yahoo.com be john@myspotonthenet.com  or suzie@imacoolchick.com [want a free email girls @imacoolchick.com ? I own it. ]. Having proper web mail is a joy with of course no ads.  Plus you can have a forwarder so everything is copied to your old email address., if you just want to check that; plus you can set up an autoresponder with a message saying you received it and will get back soonest. Put up a web site of your own perhaps a blog is easiest. Its so easy, like this one.  Post notices for your friends have a family blog where everyone can post . Of course a family domain means all the family can have an email address..

Have a look at NowHostYourSite>  nhys.biz


Wake up its 21st Century Network Time.




04/01/2013 21:16
Here we have a wonderful interactive view of The Universe   You need a more recent...



Domain registration. dot com, dot net, dot org, dot biz and dot info registered in your name with your contact details. $15 or €10 a year. Payme via Paypal. Please do discuss your domain choice with me before you commit. There are no refunds and no going back.


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